About Our Church Family

Have you ever thought of yourselves as “Saints”? Probably everyone of you after reading this will say, “I’m no Saint”! No, none of us are perfect, still that is what Paul calls us in the Bible and that is what we are supposed to work towards as we go through life.

At Middleton United Methodist Church, we strive to be people who think and behave as Jesus would if he were in our shoes. We ask the Spirit of Jesus to be among us, lifting us to that level. That’s what Saints do and that is what we try to do each day.

All of us, no matter what our walk of life have opportunities to pattern our lives after the life of Jesus; join a small meeting group in His name, attend a class or a baptism, maybe a Bible Study or lend a hand to someone in need.

At Middleton United Methodist Church we worship together each Sunday to get a sense of Jesus and to praise God and thank Him for all of our Blessings. We ask that he continue to give us the guidance and love to help us live a Christian Life.

We host a variety of Community events, AA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, The local Chamber of Commerce and Senior Citizen meetings. We reach out in support to Missions of the United Methodist Church and we host Community Meals.

We do experience Christ’s love for us here and as a result of that love, we continue to strive to live each day as He lived. He asks us to love God, love our neighbor and love all mankind.
We cordially invite you to join us!

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  1. midd5 says:

    Our Staff
    Pastor David Raines
    Lay Minister Debbie Wallace
    Secretary Kat Bourlas

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